Food Allergies – often overlooked contributors to chronic disease

No one wants to be sick, but where does disease really begin? Food allergies are often not included in a Medical Doctor’s assessment of one’s problem.

Food allergies or sensitivities are caused by a reaction of the immune system to specific proteins in a food. According to Health Canada, current estimates are that food allergies effect as many as 5-6% of young children and 3-4 % of adults in the westernized countries.

In allergic individuals, a food protein is mistakenly identified by the immune system as being harmful. The first time the individual is exposed to such a protein, the body’s immune system responds by creating antibodies. When the individual is exposed to the same protein again, the antibodies and chemicals such as histamine are released and may cause a reaction in the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal tract, skin or cardiovascular system. In the most extreme cases food allergies can be fatal.

Although any food can provoke an immune response, a few foods are responsible for most of the allergic reactions. The ten substances most frequently associated with food allergies and allergic type reactions include peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, soy, milk, eggs, fish including crustaceans and shellfish, mustard, wheat and other cereal grains containing gluten and sulphites.

Severe allergic reactions (e.g. anaphylactic reaction) occur when the body’s immune system strongly reacts to a particular allergenic protein or irritant. These reactions may be caused by foods, insect stings or medications.

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Athlete’s Foot

dreamstime_s_24941517Athlete’s foot causes scaling, flaking, and itching of the effected area. Blisters and cracked skin may also occur, leading to exposed raw tissue, pain, swelling and inflammation. The infection can spread to other parts of the body, such as the groin, but is mostly manifested between the toes, with the space between the fourth and the fifth digits is most commonly afflicted.

Athlete’s foot is a communicable disease caused by a parasitic fungus Trichophyton. As the fungus requires warmth and moisture to survive and grow, the primary method of  incubation and transmission is when people who regularly wear shoes go barefoot in a moist communal environment such as a changing room or shower, and then put on shoes.

Due to the much reduced ventilation of the skin in shoes and the tight space in which the toes are forced to be pressed together  chances of infection are increased by not allowing moisture to escape. Fungus is only seen in a very small percentage of habitually (often) barefoot people, being barefoot allows full ventilation around the feet, causes them to remain dry and exposes them to sunlight, as well as developing stronger skin which will cause the fungus to be worn off before it can cause any infection.

When moving through an area that is likely to be infected it is important to remember that fungus requires for the foot to remain moist in order to grow. Since fungi thrive in warm, moist environments, keeping feet as dry as possible and avoiding sharing towels aid in  prevention. Always dry your feet thoroughly before putting on shoes and ensure that both the shoes and socks are clean and dry.

Since shoes are the primary mode of infection and incubation and since the fungus is almost non-existent in barefoot cultures the practice of keeping feet clean and dry is crucial in preventing re-infection.


Bulimia Anorexia

Bulimia is the secret practice of eating, usually to excess and then either vomiting or taking bowel purging substances to ensure evacuation the next day or sooner. Bulimics tend to believe they are in control of their body and follow strict rituals of elimination.

The bulimic may be well informed and know the fat, sugar, salt content and calories in an amazing amount of foods. They may use all kinds of vitamins and supplements and are often experts on metabolism, digestion and disorders of the gut. They are a virtual resource of health related information.

Bulimics and anorexics are extreme perfectionists and are not happy with their appearance. They are terrified of what might happen to their bodies if they stop their practice, they feel it is out of their control to discontinue their habit. Bulimics believe they are too smart to be caught. They are the chameleons of the nutrition world, as they appear to be like all of us, but in fact are very different.

Bulimics and anorexics need isolation to carry out their starving, binging and purging, as it is not a socially accepted activity. Those that are affected most by bulimia or anorexia are individuals in a situation, which is dependent on looking good which includes actors, models, dancers and sometimes high profile public personalities and teenagers.

To break these habits it is important to support the individual with encouragement and an environment of supervision, creating self confidence and acceptance.


Are we missing something in asthma treatment?

More than 15 million American suffer from asthma, with more than 5000 deaths annually from severe asthma attacks. With all the advancements in medical knowledge and technology, are we missing something in asthma treatment?

There are a number of triggers that can bring on an asthma attack, which is characterized by wheezing and a shortness of breath, or coughing and chest tightness. As an inflammatory disease of the airway, it can be chronic or acute. Smoke, pollen, cold air, dust, mold and other allergens may trigger an asthma attack.

Some people have no obvious triggers and they don’t respond to conventional therapies. For this reason, alternative treatments may hold the key to curing asthma. Are we missing something in asthma treatments that come from traditional prescriptions or bronchodilators? Some experts believe so.

Food allergies to wheat, milk, eggs, corn, soy or peanuts can trigger asthma attacks. Other food-related triggers may be preservatives and colorings used in processed foods, so diet can be used to control asthma attacks. Avoiding mucous-forming foods can be part of managing asthma, but there are natural methods and treatments that may be effective asthma cures.

Licorice root, nettle, cayenne pepper and other healing or detoxifying ingredients are natural remedies, besides rotating foods and eliminating those that may cause an allergic episode. Drinking plenty of water can help.

Dental infections or parasite infections may provoke an attack, since they encourage inflammatory responses. These sources of inflammation can be overlooked, by traditional medical tests, but they can be eliminated. Acupuncture, spinal adjustments or acupressure massage and revolutionary treatments for parasites are a few of the alternative treatments.


How to silence hypertension

As a leading cause of cardiovascular problems, hypertension has been called the “Silent Killer”. Elevated blood pressure can cause all types of medical issues and more than 95% of cases may have unknown causes. Learning how to silence hypertension may involve dietary and lifestyle changes.

Stress control, exercise and weight loss are recommended and avoiding sodium, smoking and alcohol is advised. Homeopathic and natural remedies can be extremely helpful. To wipe out the fear of a stroke, hypertensive medications may be prescribed by conventional medical doctors, but it’s a costly way to bring down blood pressure.

Any blood pressure readings over 140/90 is considered high, but if high-protein diets are used, it can be a less costly remedy than medications and it’s more effective. Eating 50% of calories in raw vegetables and nuts, eggs and meat is a healthy diet to avoid hypertension. Minimizing carbohydrates is recommended, because they cause higher insulin levels. Eating healthy can lead to healthy weight and blood sugar levels, which is a way to help reduce hypertension.

Vitamin and mineral supplements may be needed and natural detoxification from heavy metals, pollutants or toxins, is advised. Some hypertension cases result from unsuspected causes, including parasites, food allergies, infections caused by dental problems and nervous system dysfunction.

There are experts, who know how to silence hypertension and utilize advanced technologies for natural and non-invasive treatments. Side effects from prescription drugs can have serious, long-term effects on health. Hypertension usually responds to nutritional or dietary modifications, along with natural remedies, treatments or techniques.

Revolutionary and non-invasive methods are how to silence hypertension, effectively. Quantum Healing Institute knows how to silence hypertension, through the use of alternative treatments and natural healing therapies. Call Quantum Healing Institute at 905-528-8484 or email, to reduce hypertension.

Solving the migraine headache puzzle

To sufferers of painful headaches, which may be disabling or severely painful, solving the migraine headache puzzle is foremost on their mind. Understanding the difference between tension headaches and migraine headaches, along with their causes, can be the first place to start, when it comes to relieving them.

Finding the cause to migraine headaches can be important, since they are more difficult to treat than tension headaches, which are caused by stress. The recurrent, severe throbbing of migraine headaches may become more severe from exposure to light and nausea or vomiting can occur. While tension headaches can be relieved through stress-relieving therapies and massage, some migraine headaches may be puzzling to treat.

Typically, migraine headaches affect one side of the head, in the temple area. Migraine headaches may be solved by looking into less obvious causes, including parasite infections or food allergies. Other unsuspected causes of migraine headaches may be related to chemical sensitivities or dental infections and metal toxicity. Heavy metal detoxification could offer relief.

Traditional medical doctors may prescribe pain medications, but this only treats symptoms and not causes. Eliminating causes is important, especially since they can be traced to parasitic activity in the gallbladder, stomach or liver.

Alternative medicine treatments may include detoxification, dietary and lifestyle changes, besides a careful analysis of the nervous system. Hip and knee pain, nausea, upset stomach and eye pains are physical symptoms that may be found with the disturbance of the body’s natural immune system defenses, including the energy flow of the body.   Read more…