Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

With obesity rates at an all-time high and new weight loss programs are popping up almost daily, there are some that have been around for decades and have been proven to be extremely effective.

In 1954 Dr. ATW Simeon promoted injections of hCG as an aid to burn fat in combination with a calorie reduced weight loss program. Over the past few years much research has been done and with new developments in science, injections are no longer required. In place oral drops will have the same effect and are much more convenient to use.

Results are usually noticed within days and may include reduction of trouble spots such as the mid-section, arms and thighs giving the appearance of a more proportioned body while simultaneously helping to tighten loose skin.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is often referred to as the pregnancy hormone because it is produced in larger quantities in pregnant women. The fact is that hCG is a pro-hormone and as with any pro- (meaning before),  it promotes other hormonal reactions.

HCG is extremely effective as a weight loss supplement and may have other  health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, blood-pressure, blood-sugar and hormonal balance.

HCG is safe for both men and women and in addition, preserves muscle mass, supresses appetite, improves mental focus and overall well-being.

Consult your health care provider for proper use.