Poisons, Spells and Medicine

If one had to be ill in ancient times the best place would probably been Egypt. Not that your chances of survival would have been significantly better than those of other contemporaries but at least you would have had the satisfaction of being treated by physicians whose art was renowned all over the ancient world. They knew the appropriate spells and remedies to treat accidents and injuries, sometimes with the sting of a scorpion or snake bite.

Illness was explained as being the work of evil spirits or their poisons and cleansing the body was one way of getting rid of their influences. Incantations

and prayer to Sekhmed, the goddess of healing was often accompanied by nasty smelling concoctions and injections into various orifices with the hope of being effective.

Hippocrates (460-384 BC) is largely recognized as the father of modern medicine as he created the concept of medicine away from the philosophical and mythical approach.