Surviving Sugar Addiction

Our world is filled with intensely pleasurable treats and they have become part of our lifestyles and routines.  That spoonful of sugar makes your coffee taste better and dessert can feel like the best part of the meal.

Some of the sugar cravings are relentless and usually happen when you need a boost of energy like mid morning or the middle of the afternoon.

Sugar can be used to sweeten a cup of coffee, tea or soda or consumed in the form of cookies, cakes, candies, chocolates and the lure of the sweet taste is hard to resist.

Once the sugar hits your bloodstream it is temporarily soothing the reward center in the brain and a few hours later will start the cycle of cravings and addiction all over again when your blood sugar gets low and you start to get irritated and restless.

There are many different theories on sugar cravings and their causes, this includes allergies, adrenal fatigue, hormonal changes, parasites, overgrowth of Candida or a bacterial imbalance in the gut and its connection to the brain.

One thing is clear, when you feed your sugar craving bacteria they will demand more and more of the sugary treats, the only way to stop this cycle is to change your diet and cultivate a different colony of bacteria in your digestive system

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