Ketogenic Lifestyle

The KETOGENIC LIFESTYLE  does not require counting calories, restricted portion sizes, maintaining a rigorous exercise regime or superhuman willpower to succeed.

The KETOGENIC LIFESTYLE offers an entirely different approach to weight loss and in the process many improvements to your health. Due to the use of ketogenic foods based on high fat, low sugar /carbohydrate, and an adequate amount of protein it changes the way your body burns energy changing from burning glucose (osugar) to burning dietary fat.

The KETOGENIC LIFESTYLE has been practiced since the 1920’s and is based on a solid understanding of physiology and nutritional science. Many diet programs are popular for a brief period and then fade away without showing long-term success. The KETOGENIC LIFESTYLE  has successfully worked for a high percentage of people because it addresses the underlying causes of weight gain, including hormonal imbalances with the emphasis on insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels.

Before the cultivation of wheat and other grains humans had to rely on seasonal foods, experiencing feasts and famines and eating at regular intervals was not an option. The human body is designed to use glucose or fat for energy. In recent times there was a complete transformation with increased sugar consumption and carbohydrate-based foods.

Once a state of ketosis is reached the body can tap into our stored fat reserves and start using it for fuel and well-being.

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