Is MSG Addictive?

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is an additive in foods and is part of almost all commercially processed and packaged foods. It supercharges the taste of food in a way,  one would not suspect. MSG has a sinister effect on the brain making it believe that food tastes better, it is an excitotoxin and it over stimulates the brain causing the production of an excessive amount of dopamine.

The drug-like rush provides a brief sensation of well-being and this highly addictive substance is causing consumers to indulge in eating excessive amounts of MSG-containing foods and is responsible for irresistible cravings for more.

Besides packaged processed foods you find on almost all supermarket shelves, beware of hamburgers, sausages, Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups, and processed meats, most bottled and canned goods, condiments, diet foods, and snacks.

After frequent consumption, the body develops a physical dependence. When this dependency is abruptly discontinued, symptoms of withdrawal can occur.