Raw food: More powerful than most medicines

hThe original diet of humans was only raw food, before the discovery of fire and unnatural processing. A raw food diet is more powerful than most medicines, since natural nutrition is full of powerful nutrients and free of chemical additives or preservatives.

The Caveman diet is a version of the raw food diet, named for ancient humans in extreme conditions, who consumed raw food of their local environment. Grains were not part of their diet and today, they aren’t included in a raw food diet. Meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beneficial oils and limited fruits or berries are included.

Because cooking destroys or weakens the most potent nutrients, a raw food diet is considered an alternative medicine approach to strengthen the immune system and obtain optimal levels of nutrition. Organic and chemical-free options are the best choices.

To adapt to the Caveman, or Paleolithic diet, meat may be cooked medium-rare, eggs may be served with a runny yolk and vegetables may be juiced, for easier digestion. Butter, milk and two servings of fruit may be consumed, daily. Unlike a vegetarian diet, plenty of protein is included.

By definition, raw food should be unheated and uncooked, non-homogenized and unprocessed, in order to preserve enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Other alternative treatments, such as parasitic cleansing or heavy metal detoxification, are also beneficial. A raw food diet can cure disorders where other remedies have failed-including prescription medicines.

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