Sexual Activity and Hair Loss

In Chinese medicine, which has its roots in Taoism, it is widely accepted that there is a direct correlation between kidney/adrenal health and the health of the hair.

It has been recorded in both Taoist (Chinese) and Ayurvedic (Indian) medical texts for thousands of years that there is a connection between sexual activity in men and hair loss. It is maintained that excessive emission by men during intercourse or otherwise puts tremendous stress on the kidneys and results in pattern hair loss for those genetically predisposed.

“With frequent emission of sperm vitality ultimately declines. The big spender loses energy, his vision begins to weaken, he experiences hair loss and grows old before his time.”  Taoist masters maintain that the conservation of male sexual energy will reliably prevent hair loss in those genetically predisposed, but is less likely to grow hair back that has already been lost.

It’s a vicious cycle indeed. If standard sex promotes hair loss, than losing hair over time will reduce your likelihood of having sexual encounters to begin with in the future. Those who choose to outright dismiss the connection between hair loss and sexual activity because there is” no evidence” should bear in mind there is absolutely no evidence negating this connection either.