15 Ways To Leave Your Blubber

dvdcasefront_688x970 (21)15 Ways To Leave Your Blubber

This book presents an entertaining and yet serious look at today’s obesity epidemic. By explaining step by step the actions required to a permanent weight loss – it is an easy to understand guide to a healthier and slimmer you.

With entertaining illustrations it is an easy read and an enjoyable experience not to be missed. If you are serious about weight loss, this could be the answer you have been looking for.

If you have been struggling to get rid of the extra weight – this book is for you. If you have been on the yo-yo train to nowhere – this book is for you.

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Prepare yourself mentally to make changes to your lifestyle

The first thing you want to do is take a good look in the mirror. If you are unhappy with what you see and you are ready to commit to some changes, this book is for you.

Do you remember what your weight was a year ago? How much have you gained in one year?

Just imagine, you are eating reasonably healthy but each year you gain about two pounds.

That’s really nothing to worry about – right?

Now imagine these two pounds of weight gain a year over a period of ten years, that’s 20 pounds. Over a period of twenty years that’s 40 pounds and over 30 years that’s 60 pounds.

That is a total of 60 pounds of weight gain over 30 years.

Let’s say you are in your 30’s or 40’s or even in your 20’s. You start out with weighing 130 lbs – that would mean in 30 years from now you could weigh 190 pounds.

And that is if you only gain two pounds a year.

Now – can you imagine if you are in the habit of eating some of the wrong foods and you gain more than 2 pounds a year?

Well you can do the math!

One day you look in the mirror and what you see is years of weight gain and a body that’s out of control.

How did this happen you say to yourself!

But of course you know the answer – deep down you know the answer, deep down you know that all the cookies, chocolates, cakes, chips, pizza’s, fried foods, processed foods, juices and soft drinks caught up with you.

Now what?

If you have been there and decided you were going to lose this extra weight – good for you.

What did you do?

Exercise? – Diet pills? – Weight Loss plans?

Did you finally give up because no matter how hard you tried the weight kept on coming back and some more.

There are many different weight loss plans and products available today. Most will give you some results while others are strictly a temporary fad created by someone’s imagination.

Most restrictions of high fat, high carbs and high sugar will temporarily work and could give you the desired results if you could only stick to it long enough and modify your overall eating habits.