Are your Earlobes Attached?

We are all different and unique. Even though we share some characteristics with others and often with our family members. Every one of us has unique characteristics due to genes being passed from our ancestors and parents and due to some environmental influences.

Ear lobe attachment is due to genetics. If the side of the ear lobes are directly attached to the side of the face – it is considered attached, if it is unattached it should form a free form loop. While most ear lobes can be easily identified as attached or unattached –not all earlobes fall neatly into either category, there is a continuous range from one extreme to the other, suggesting the influence of several genes

Since the earlobe does not contain cartilage it has a large blood supply and may be beneficial to keeping the ears warm and maintain balance. However, earlobes are not generally considered to have any major biological function.

Around the world and throughout human history, earlobes are the most common locations for body piercings and it is not uncommon to tear an earlobe by a traumatic pull or the weight of a heavy earring. Ear piercing should always consider how it may affect acupuncture points located in various parts of the ear and lobe.