Falling in Love

dreamstime_s_28706973-kissingTo fall in love usually means to enter an intimate relationship casually and blindly without the usual precautions. Falling into a love relationship also means failing to take the time to evaluate the character, personality and history of the target of your affection, neglecting to measure compatibility and whether the foundations exist for a healthy lasting relationship. Falling in love often is a sure path to tragedy.

It is easy to understand why one may be attracted at first sight to another human being of the opposite sex by way of a shared appreciation of certain things or mutual interests. However, the physical attraction alone may be the only basis for this affection and circumstances beyond the individuals control come into play.

In most cases physical attraction plays a major role and this feature has a more frequent impact on the male observer being easily distracted by a vibrant, vivacious younger female.

The female counterpart although as easily distracted by an attractive male has additional requirements to take into consideration. At times it is the alpha male attitude or the bad boy image that is most appealing to a younger female but may change later to incorporate a taste for social statues and power positions in the workplace or the public arena.

Another consideration is the safety and security factor when a life partner or potential parent for a desired child is evaluated. This would include many additional traits, such as stability, commitment capability, maturity, devotion and the ability to financially and emotionally enter into a very intimate and demanding relationship.