What is Health

To be healthy is to live in harmony with the environment, to be able to think clearly, feel and act alert, to be normally in a cheerful mood, sometimes feel appropriately depressed and sometimes ecstatic, perform physical activity with adequate energy and enthusiasm and naturally incorporate physical activity.

Good health can be reached through the application of proper nutrition, by ingesting the right amount of nutrients for each individual. This concept is founded upon the recognition that no living organism lives within a perfect environment. For example a perfect environment for one individual is not only impossible, but would be intolerable for another.

One does not have to have extensive knowledge to obtain a good balanced diet. Humans have evolved and adopted to a small number of foods including grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and poultry. As long as these foods are not tampered with and a variety of these natural foods are eaten, our diet with some additional supplements will be balanced.

Malnutrition and the need for supplements, resulting from excessive consumption of processed foods, especially in the form of refined carbohydrates, and exposure to toxins are major causes of nutritional imbalances and physical illnesses. The range of variation for each individual is enormous and is determined by: age, sex, physical and mental/emotional stress, diseases (whether acute or chronic), the use of pharmaceutical drugs and the general state of health.

We are all different and have different nutritional requirements. Some people become violantly ill by ingesting foods that are nutritious for others and with declining health the need for nutritional supplementation is many times greater.

Through the use of proper nutrition and the addition of supplements we can become masters of our own health.  Read more…