Food Allergies – often overlooked contributors to chronic disease

No one wants to be sick, but where does disease really begin? Food allergies are often not included in a Medical Doctor’s assessment of one’s problem.

Food allergies or sensitivities are caused by a reaction of the immune system to specific proteins in a food. According to Health Canada, current estimates are that food allergies effect as many as 5-6% of young children and 3-4 % of adults in the westernized countries.

In allergic individuals, a food protein is mistakenly identified by the immune system as being harmful. The first time the individual is exposed to such a protein, the body’s immune system responds by creating antibodies. When the individual is exposed to the same protein again, the antibodies and chemicals such as histamine are released and may cause a reaction in the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal tract, skin or cardiovascular system. In the most extreme cases food allergies can be fatal.

Although any food can provoke an immune response, a few foods are responsible for most of the allergic reactions. The ten substances most frequently associated with food allergies and allergic type reactions include peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, soy, milk, eggs, fish including crustaceans and shellfish, mustard, wheat and other cereal grains containing gluten and sulphites.

Severe allergic reactions (e.g. anaphylactic reaction) occur when the body’s immune system strongly reacts to a particular allergenic protein or irritant. These reactions may be caused by foods, insect stings or medications.

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