Hypothyroidism: an unsuspected cause of fatigue and obesity

An unsuspecting cause of fatigue and obesity could be hypothyroidism. When the thyroid gland is underperforming, the deficiency can lead to other symptoms or conditions, including hypoglycemia, hypertension, depression, arthritis, insomnia and heart attack. Fatigue and obesity may be the most common complaints, but few medical doctors immediately detect hypothyroidism, as the cause.

While medical doctors rely on blood thyroid function tests to monitor the function of the thyroid gland, these tests can result in normal ranges. Severe cases of hypothyroidism may be indicated by body temperature tests, but cold hands and feet or low basal body temperature can be attributed to other causes.

Alternative medicine treatments can uncover hypothyroidism and balance the body’s minerals, for optimal levels of thyroid hormone production. Preventing conditions that contribute to sluggish thyroid hormone production is part of the healing process. Iodine, Zinc, Iron and Selenium are required for a healthy thyroid.

Heavy metal toxicity can cause imbalances, since thyroid enzymes are highly sensitive to certain metals, such as mercury. Dental problems can lead to hypothyroidism for this reason, but they are often overlooked, making them an unsuspecting cause. Biological dentistry allows the replacement of silver-mercury amalgams, with non-toxic materials.

Alternative treatments for hypothyroidism include heavy metal detoxification. Holistic approaches are safer than unnatural treatments, since medications can introduce other toxins. Revolutionary technologies can be used to diagnose and treat the unsuspecting causes of hypothyroidism.

Natural body detoxification, elimination of food allergies or adding nutritional supplements may be all that’s needed. Proper diet and alternative healing therapies can relieve symptoms of hypothyroidism, including obesity, fatigue or accelerated aging.