Detox for Health

hThe term detoxification is one that is commonly associated with alcohol, drug and substance abuse; as well as dieting and loss of weight.

Our bodies naturally detoxify every day – detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, skin and lungs. If you feel congested from too much food or the wrong kinds of food, you may want to detoxify.

If your energy level is low, if you have been taking medications that have not been eliminated from your system, a weekend detox may help you feel better.

In Chinese medicine and other ancient societies, cleansing diets, herbs, fasting and natural cleansing methods have been used to detoxify the body for hundreds of years. For many ancient cultures, fasting was used as a means of cleansing the body and the mind for spiritual practices.

Toxic and polluted food systems, air, water and environment make cleansing the colon, liver and other organs more important now than ever. The burden of over-pollution may be responsible for deleterious effects on the immune system, a scenario which makes us highly susceptible to chronic degenerative diseases such as some forms of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer, and more.

Detoxification is performed in a variety of ways including nutritional supplements, homeopathics, herbal mixtures, foot-detox, oral chelating agents, safe mercury removal, etc.  Once heavy metal burden is relieved, parasite, yeast and organic elimination can be accomplished easier.

Detoxification is one of the best ways to remain healthy in a polluted and toxic environment. Signs that detoxification is needed: unexplained headaches or back pain, memory failing, brittle nails and hair, frequent allergies, exposure to cleansing solvents, pesticides, diuretics and pharmaceutical drugs, etc.      Benefits of detoxification are that liver, kidney, and blood purification can take place – which would not occur otherwise. Other advantages include: stimulation of the immune and hormonal system, while dependency on substances such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine or alcohol may be reduced.

One of the best ways to start your day: Just add lemon to your water in the morning. Lemons contain a pure concentrated form of citric acid which assists the cleansing process.