Solving the migraine headache puzzle

To sufferers of painful headaches, which may be disabling or severely painful, solving the migraine headache puzzle is foremost on their mind. Understanding the difference between tension headaches and migraine headaches, along with their causes, can be the first place to start, when it comes to relieving them.

Finding the cause to migraine headaches can be important, since they are more difficult to treat than tension headaches, which are caused by stress. The recurrent, severe throbbing of migraine headaches may become more severe from exposure to light and nausea or vomiting can occur. While tension headaches can be relieved through stress-relieving therapies and massage, some migraine headaches may be puzzling to treat.

Typically, migraine headaches affect one side of the head, in the temple area. Migraine headaches may be solved by looking into less obvious causes, including parasite infections or food allergies. Other unsuspected causes of migraine headaches may be related to chemical sensitivities or dental infections and metal toxicity. Heavy metal detoxification could offer relief.

Traditional medical doctors may prescribe pain medications, but this only treats symptoms and not causes. Eliminating causes is important, especially since they can be traced to parasitic activity in the gallbladder, stomach or liver.

Alternative medicine treatments may include detoxification, dietary and lifestyle changes, besides a careful analysis of the nervous system. Hip and knee pain, nausea, upset stomach and eye pains are physical symptoms that may be found with the disturbance of the body’s natural immune system defenses, including the energy flow of the body.   Read more…