How to silence hypertension

As a leading cause of cardiovascular problems, hypertension has been called the “Silent Killer”. Elevated blood pressure can cause all types of medical issues and more than 95% of cases may have unknown causes. Learning how to silence hypertension may involve dietary and lifestyle changes.

Stress control, exercise and weight loss are recommended and avoiding sodium, smoking and alcohol is advised. Homeopathic and natural remedies can be extremely helpful. To wipe out the fear of a stroke, hypertensive medications may be prescribed by conventional medical doctors, but it’s a costly way to bring down blood pressure.

Any blood pressure readings over 140/90 is considered high, but if high-protein diets are used, it can be a less costly remedy than medications and it’s more effective. Eating 50% of calories in raw vegetables and nuts, eggs and meat is a healthy diet to avoid hypertension. Minimizing carbohydrates is recommended, because they cause higher insulin levels. Eating healthy can lead to healthy weight and blood sugar levels, which is a way to help reduce hypertension.

Vitamin and mineral supplements may be needed and natural detoxification from heavy metals, pollutants or toxins, is advised. Some hypertension cases result from unsuspected causes, including parasites, food allergies, infections caused by dental problems and nervous system dysfunction.

There are experts, who know how to silence hypertension and utilize advanced technologies for natural and non-invasive treatments. Side effects from prescription drugs can have serious, long-term effects on health. Hypertension usually responds to nutritional or dietary modifications, along with natural remedies, treatments or techniques.

Revolutionary and non-invasive methods are how to silence hypertension, effectively. Quantum Healing Institute knows how to silence hypertension, through the use of alternative treatments and natural healing therapies. Call Quantum Healing Institute at 905-528-8484 or email, to reduce hypertension.