Are we missing something in asthma treatment?

More than 15 million American suffer from asthma, with more than 5000 deaths annually from severe asthma attacks. With all the advancements in medical knowledge and technology, are we missing something in asthma treatment?

There are a number of triggers that can bring on an asthma attack, which is characterized by wheezing and a shortness of breath, or coughing and chest tightness.

As an inflammatory disease of the airway, it can be chronic or acute. Smoke, pollen, cold air, dust, mold and other allergens may trigger an asthma attack.

Some people have no obvious triggers and they don’t respond to conventional therapies. For this reason, alternative treatments may hold the key to curing asthma. Are we missing something in asthma treatments that come from traditional prescriptions or bronchodilators? Some experts believe so.

Food allergies to wheat, milk, eggs, corn, soy or peanuts can trigger asthma attacks. Other food-related triggers may be preservatives and colorings used in processed foods, so diet can be used to control asthma attacks. Avoiding mucous-forming foods can be part of managing asthma, but there are natural methods and treatments that may be effective asthma cures.

Licorice root, nettle, cayenne pepper and other healing or detoxifying ingredients are natural remedies, besides rotating foods and eliminating those that may cause an allergic episode. Drinking plenty of water can help.

Dental infections or parasite infections may provoke an attack, since they encourage inflammatory responses. These sources of inflammation can be overlooked, by traditional medical tests, but they can be eliminated. Acupuncture, spinal adjustments or acupressure massage and revolutionary treatments for parasites are a few of the alternative treatments.