Burnout syndrome – the final stage of exhaustion and how you can help minimize its symptoms

The final stage of exhaustion is where burnout syndrome becomes the most obvious. It’s possible to become too fatigued to sleep, because sleep takes energy and it’s possible to become so exhausted it offers little relief.

One of the most common ailments reported to doctors is chronic exhaustion, but burnout syndrome is a form of exhaustion that won’t go away, even after periods of relaxing or plenty of sleep.

Reversing exhaustion can be a slow process, because it may be caused by excessive stress. Emotional, physical and spiritual stresses can deplete essential nutrients and heavy metal or environmental toxins may break down the body’s natural defenses. Accelerated stages of burnout can result, unless the cycle is reversed.

There are revolutionary treatments for reversing exhaustion and eliminating stress, which leads to burnout syndrome. Diet can play a role and high-protein diets may be recommended. Eliminating sweets and processed foods, besides alcohol, coffee or chocolate, could be essential.

Hypoglycemic symptoms, low blood pressure and anxiety or depression can result from excessive stress on the body, whether these stresses are caused by parasites, toxins, emotional triggers, or diet and sleep deficits. As the final stage of exhaustion, burnout syndrome may respond best to homeopathic and herbal or natural remedies. Boosting the metabolic state may provide more energy, while alternative treatments can eliminate stress, regardless of cause.

Parasite detoxification, chelation therapy for heavy metal toxicity and a high-protein diet may be the right solutions for eliminating exhaustion and burnout syndrome. Changes in diet, lifestyle and mental attitudes can lead to recovery of burnout syndrome and final stages of exhaustion can be minimized.

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