Micro-Light and Anti-Aging

microlight-1Anti-Aging is either slowing the aging process or finding ways to reverse it. Science now tells us that

this is in fact possible without cosmetic surgery, needles, discomfort and down time. To truly benefit

from slowing down the aging process we need to look at nutrition, life style, hormone balance, toxins, environmental conditions and emotional issues.

Energy Light Rejuvenation combines several powerful beautifying and energy balancing properties, such as micro-current stimulation through acupuncture points, color therapy, massage and specifically formulated techniques based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The lifting and rejuvenating effects on the face are beneficial for the adjustment of muscle tone, detoxification, cleansing of the skin and overall balancing of the energy flow.

Micro-current therapy enables cells to function normally. It delivers small electric stimuli to the skin to restore normal electric balance to the cells, re-educates facial muscles and addresses the underlying cause of visible aging. Our body starts showing signs of aging when cells lose their electric energy due to some damage or injury.

Another component of Micro-light technology is color therapy. Each color of visible light has a specific frequency and a balancing effect on our body. Each color brings with it its unique properties which can also be used in pain relief and healing. For instance, orange color brings fresh new energy and joy and can act as an anti-depressant when applied to appropriate acupuncture points. Blue light, a color complementing orange, has anti- inflammatory properties and may relieve stress and help you relax.

Micro-light is the latest technology in the field of pain relief, holistic healing and facial rejuvenation. The benefits are numerous and not limited to specific areas. It works in harmony with the natural energy systems of the body.

Join our many satisfied clients in the quest for health and beautiful skin.