Aging is a complex process associated with the accumulation of damage, loss of function and increased vulnerability to disease. The goal of all medicine and especially longevity science, is to enable people to be younger for longer. The best way to prevent disease is to have a strong immune system and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We plan for nearly everything in life and the energy we put in to planning a vacation or celebrating a major event seems to be more important than addressing signs of aging and the idea of prevention. When we get to a stage of not functioning without prescription drugs for memory, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, brittle bones, painful joints, low energy and other chronic conditions, we still ignore the damaging effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and environmental exposure to stress and toxins.

Many recent scientific studies have shown telomeres to be associated with age-related decline and dysfunction. The length of the telomere on each and every cell in our body determines our health and rate of aging. With each replication of our cells these strands get shorter, a process accentuated by environmental, physical and emotional stress. Eventually the telomeres get too short, the cells die and our bodies get older and health declines.

A purified molecule from the Astragalus plant (TA-65) is proven to activate the enzyme telomerase to lengthen short strands of telomeres, restore an aging immune system, increase bone density and improving various bio-markers that usually decline with age.

Even if every disease known to mankind is cured – we will still die from telomere shortening.

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