Digital Meridian Imaging

dr-Digital-Meridian-Testing.jpgMany forms of diagnosis have evolved in acupuncture over the last five thousand years. Pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, laws of correspondence, symptom interpretation, special point association and graphing techniques.

Digital Meridian Imaging has proved to be the quickest, easiest and most accurate means to diagnose and select proper acupuncture points for treatment. Digital Imaging is the term used for computerized measurements of imbalances in the energetic meridian systems of the body.

Acupuncture theory states that as long as the person’s “chi” or energy is circulating in the body in a balanced, rhythmic manner the person will be healthy. However, if for any reason this rhythmic balance of chi is interrupted or unbalanced, disease will result.

Using this latest technique of Digital Meridian Imaging the average patient can be tested, evaluated and a specific customized treatment plan determined within a very short time. A graph printout with detailed explanation is available within minutes and treatments can be adjusted from visit to visit.

All the laws of the universe are simple, once we understand the basic operation. The theory of opposites, which plays a prime role in all aspects of acupuncture was created from these basic laws of yin and yang (negative and positive) and the theory of the five elements. By applying these basic principles to healing and balancing the physical, emotional and mental state of the individual, the results will often seem miraculous.